Flower Festival
June 2017


THEME - 'A Job Well Done!'

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The Milliner

Linda Aves

The Milliner

Linda Aves



The Interior Designer / Soft Furnishings

Debbie Ashford / Kerry Pratt


The Baker

Linda Aves


The Gardener

Marion Worby



The Painter and Decorator

Jean Denny

The Greengrocer

Barbara Friend

The Dressmaker

Kate Rose


The Chiropodist

Chris Toms

The Cleaner

Megan Denny

The Musician

Greta Sturgeon


The Queen

Elizabeth Stanford

The Farmer

Karen Calton

The Artist

Val Forge


The Hairdresser

Kate Rose

The Florist

Angela Goddard

The Furniture Maker

Gill Parker


The Fireman

Jamine Batram (Age 9)

The Builder

Linda Allsworth

The Science Teacher

Claire Allsworth





The Veterinarian

Karen Warren